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Journey to Another Homeland: Romania

A unique gift for Romanian children living abroad

Does your child know why the Black Sea is called the Black Sea? Or what the Martisor ritual is all about? Join a hora with your child on a journey through your Romanian origins! Bond with your child while immersing into Romania’s traditions and culture.

Create your book

Explore Romania through an exquisite blend of illustrations and texts.

Personalise this captivating storybook by the name of the child as well as the name of the parent(s) or carer(s), born in Romania. Choose the book dimensions and cover of your liking. Thrill a little bookworm with an outstandingly printed and beautifully designed book.

Start a meaningful family dialogue about Romania

This book tells what Romania is all about. What is the distance to Romania from your current residence and how different are the Lei from your local currency? How was it to slay through the hilly parks of Bucharest in the cold Romanian winters? Take this opportunity to add your childhood adventures to the tales of Dracula, the gymnastics success stories or the tasty sarmale.

Features telling a story

  • Nourishes the feeling of connection to the Romanian family roots.

  • Starts a lively discussion about Romania and opens up the space for intimate stories.

  • Celebrates diversity and creates the sense of pride for Romanian origins.

  • Appealing illustrations complete the journey - realistic, diverse, non-stereotyping.

  • No matter the family structure - it is a match.

  • 24 illustrated
  • Available in A5 as
    well as A4
  • Available as soft
    cover or hard cover
  • Variety of countries
    to choose from
  • New versions under way

Other countries

Depending on the parent’s home-country
  • Important topics to consider when raising a Romanian child abroad

    The personalized book Journey to Another Homeland: Romania is a unique storybook for the Romanian communities living abroad, with Romanian families raising children abroad, or at least one Romanian parent in a multi-cultural family living in a foreign country.

    When being raised abroad, a child with Romanian roots finds it hard to immerse fully into either the Romanian community, with its Romanian culture and traditions, or either in the local culture of the country he/she is currently living in. This mix can lead to confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed many times.

  • Start a discussion today with your child about your Romanian roots with this amazing personalized kids' book centered on Romania and your family

    If you are finding it difficult on how to share or kickstart a discussion on Romania, your roots as a parent or grandparent – you are not alone. You want to make sure that your child gets to know, experience and understand with the Romanian culture. You want to share all those beautiful Romanian customs and traditions which bring back so many unique memories for you. You are struggling to find modern or at all Romanian children’s books? Do you struggle to find relevant children books in the Romanian language to read together and enjoy with your children?

    This one-of-a-kind personalized kids’ book gives you a great starting point in opening a discussion on what is Romania, what does Romania mean to you, the parent or grandparent, what memories and feelings it triggers in you and why. This personalized illustrated children book will push you gently into discovering even more themes once the reading is finished: for example, cooking a typical Romanian meal together, learning how to master the hora steps or organizing a children’s party for your kid’s Romanian roots in order that he/she share the many learnings and personal stories about Romania with the friends and the community around his/her home. And why not, also sharing these unique details with your partner, if he or she doesn’t have Romanian roots.

  • Are you a grandparent or a single parent? We have something for you and your children also in our unique storybook

    Now, for the grandparents out there who have Romanian grandchildren living abroad: the little ones can feel confused many times in relation to who they are – we need to understand that and empathize with those feelings. This can happen, for example, when your grandchild is positively looking forward to traveling to get to see you, the grandparents and other family relatives in Romania, while in the same time they will experience sorrow to leave a familiar place which is their current home and the familiar faces of neighbors and friends they know. Journey to Another Homeland: Romania can make for a special gift for grandchildren who live far away. Your grandchild also recognizes the book as “my world book” and will attach easier and deeper with Romania, the Romanian culture and traditions in a meaningful way.

    What if you are a single parent or a divorced parent with Romanian roots, raising your children in a foreign country? Let’s get something clear from the start, this is your situation and you shouldn’t feel guilty or shamed by it. Even more important, your child should feel comfortable being in this environment. CUKIBO personalized books allow you to select only one single parent in all our books. We make it easy and natural, as per your situation, to read a modern Romanian children’s book.

  • How is your particular situation when raising a Romanian child abroad?

    The values shared inside your own home with your children are the most defining ones. Be it that you are close or integrated into a Romanian community in a  foreign country, or this doesn’t apply to you, our book Journey to Another Homeland: Romania, let’s you tell your own story about something as important as your birthplace to your child and share these special moments which will bring you only closer as parent and child.

    We would love to hear how you deal with the topic of raising your children abroad. Do you have the support of the Romanian community? Do you read constantly or from time to time Romanian children’s books? Do you follow and try to remember and implement Romanian culture and Romanian traditions? How often do you travel back to Romania? Do you take your child with you in a travel adventure through the country? What links connect you to Romanian traditions? And do let us know what the little ones, your Romanian children feel like and enjoy reading.