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Journey To Another Homeland: Russia

The greatest gift for Russian children living abroad

Does your child know about Bandy and Blinis? Count together the colourful onions of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow before taking a closer look at the Russian Matrjoschka! Sing Kalinka with your child throughout your unique adventure, exploring your Russian origins! Be close to your little one while immersing in Russia’s impressive traditions and culture.

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Personalise your amazing storybook about Russia and enjoy lively & lovely illustrations

Fit the story, match the text: personalise this captivating storybook by the name of the child as well as the name of the parent(s) or carer(s), born in Russia. Top off your order by choosing from various dimensions and covers before thrilling a little bookworm with an outstandingly printed and beautifully designed book.

Start a meaningful family dialogue about Russia

How far away is Russia from where you live? How cold is a very cold winter in Russia? And how big is Lake Baikal? Make the mouth start to water while introducing Pelmeni or Shashlyk. Oh yes, Russia becomes accessible on every single book page. And not only that: personal anecdotes and your own experiences top off a unique reading experience and trigger further talks and discussions.

Features that make your storybook experience even better

  • Nurture your children’s attachment to the Russian family roots.

  • Get started with a bubbly dialogue about Russia, Russian traditions and open up space for personal stories.

  • Amplify the sense of pride for your Russian background in your child.

  • Make sure to have beautiful illustrations along the way, while considering realistic and non-stereotyping points of view.

  • No matter your family structure, this personalised storybook will be a match.

  • 24 illustrated
  • Available in A5 as
    well as A4
  • Available as soft
    cover or hard cover
  • Variety of countries
    to choose from
  • New versions under way

Other countries

Depending on the parent’s home-country
  • What to keep in mind when raising Russian children abroad

    Russian children raised abroad are facing the typical expat challenges: they are a Russian expat, a third culture kid.  They grow up in between two or even more cultures. There is the culture of their domicile country, their home. But not only that. There is Russia as the primary culture of one or both parents. But in many cases in our global world, the second parent brings in another culture in — what a mix of cultures.

    You want the best for your little one. And you want the kid to respect and connect with the Russian culture as you are so close to it. Knowing the Russian customs, the Russian traditions or being part of a local Russian community are only some of the aspects. But of course, you want the child also to be part of the local community, connected to local customs and traditions from the third country, the home country.

    In most cases, the kiddo will build a colourful mix of different cultural aspects – and Russian roots will play a role in there also. We need to accept that the little one will never feel like a Russian child born and raised in Russia. But we can significantly benefit from the cultural mix; our little third culture kid will bring to the table.    

  • Create a lively and adventurous memory resource for your Russian child living abroad

    Journey to Another Homeland: Russia is the most lively, tangible and joyful starting point to create shared memories when it comes to your kid’s Russian heritage and bonds. It is not only a reading adventure for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. It is an emotional and touching storybook for all parents, grandparents and Russian friends who engage with children and share their own experiences and life stories... „Once upon a time...“.

  • Considering your Russian origins, your storybook comes in Cyrillic also!

    The Journey To Another Homeland: Russia is not a bilingual book, but it is available either in English or in Cyrillic letters – whatever you prefer. This storybook touches upon traditional dances, Russian cuisine, rituals, and traditions. Even typical Russian sports are a big topic. Your child will enjoy hearing more from you about single topics and will love to learn more about a culture, which is so close to your heart. The engaging and appealing illustrations will support you along the way! The book allows you to extend all the stories by adding personal experiences, family bits and pieces plus a map, where you can show and mark the places where friends and family are living in Russia. 

    The book allows Russian kids living abroad to feel a sense of pride to be Russian, but also a sense for diversity in general – while connecting the Russian roots with the current place of domicile, the home country!