Personalized baby book: The story of your 1st year

The best personalized baby gift: your baby’s story book filled with a year of memories!

With a double-page dedicated to each month of a baby’s first year of life, this lovely personalized baby book with name is a unique gift and an invitation: let parent(s) fill each double-page with a matching photo. This will not only create one of the most heart-melting collections of memories, but also an incredibly personalized 1st birthday book, which can be read and enjoyed together with the kid afterwards. Global shipping. Premium Quality.

Our best-seller first year baby book comes with touching words, friendly baby illustrations and personal snapshots

Our best-seller first year baby book comes with touching words, friendly baby illustrations and personal snapshots

Offer one of the best personalized baby gifts with the baby’s name and pick a matching baby character to give all pages the most individual touch. Put a smile on the face of the little one’s parent(s) or caretaker(s). This outstandingly printed and beautifully personalized 1st birthday book will not collect dust on the kids' bookshelf. It will become part of the daily reading routines of the soon-to-be bookworm while keeping all the first-year memories alive.

My first year baby book allows you to engage and connect warmly to your curious toddler about those magical twelve months

My first year baby book allows you to engage and connect warmly to your curious toddler about those magical twelve months

Did you fall asleep right after you saw the light of day? What made you giggle the most? And can you imagine that you didn’t have teeth in your mouth when you were born? A toddler is curious and surprised about so many of the common aspects of the first year of life. Each double-page of the personalized baby book with its text, symbols and an individual snapshot of the kid turns a specific topic into a lively and valuable interaction. My first year baby book will hold a special place in the baby's bookshelf and will be remembered as a touching 1st birthday book.

My first year baby book allows you to engage and connect warmly to your curious toddler about those magical twelve months

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Story features make up for the best personalized baby book with name to have:

  • Add your dedication on the first page of your personalized baby book with name and strike home with a truly unique and personalized birth gift.

  • Keep memories alive with a birth book, which turns into the most personalized baby book about the first year of life.

  • Let the toddler enjoy age-based illustrations with symbols to be recognized and pointed at in your best first year baby book.

  • Enable the toddler to recognize him - or herself as the hero of a personalized baby book with name and matching baby characters.

  • Let parent(s) or carer(s) and the toddler immerse into first talks and explanations, triggered on every baby's first year book page.

  • No matter your family structure and your baby’s - it is a match. We make sure every parent and their children are respected in our one-of-a-kind personalized baby book.

  • 26 illustrated
  • Available in A5 as
    well as A4
  • Available as soft
    cover or hard cover
  • Variety of countries
    to choose from
  • New versions under way
  • My first year baby book: The most important stories of the baby's first year

    The personalized baby and toddler storybook My first year baby book is an excellent illustrated kids book as it brings together the most important stories of the baby’s first year – starting from birth to the first birthday. It allows for monthly best baby photos to make their way in the book and enrich the memories. As the baby grows up in a toddler, the baby book becomes the perfect toddler personal storybook. It will entice the little one to see his/her baby self in different real moments, to understand his/her growth development, to be amazed by the stories, to be curious about his/her personal story, to enjoy beautiful illustrations which are easy to recognize and connect with and attach warm feelings towards.

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  • Children recognize themselves in our personalized baby book with name

    Why is it important for the children to recognize themselves in a kids book? The character is your baby, so the baby should look as similar as possible to your baby girl or baby boy. This way, there is a special mental and affectionate connection to the book itself, but more importantly, the baby and later the toddler sees herself/himself in their environment so the affirmation feeling that it is ok to look like they look is there. Plus, the personalized baby girl book or personalized baby boy book, talks also about the challenges such as fear factors that triggered the baby to cry and to feel the need for protection from the parent. That is crucial for the child development, as the toddler understands it is ok to feel sad, that fear is part of our lives but it can be overcome, that pain from a tummy ache or a bad cold is temporary and that after he/she will go back o the normal daily life.

    The name of the child can be put as it is in the personalized baby book: with diacritics, shorter baby name, double first names; this personalized baby book with name adapts to you and not either way around.

  • The baby book The Story of Your 1st Year makes for the perfect personalized baby gift

    If the mother knows the name of the future baby, then this can be a unique baby shower hostess gift, or if you are a friend-guest it can be a thoughtful baby shower gift for your friend who is expecting the baby. It makes for an awesome new mom gift or for a unique new dad gift.

    Depending on your culture and traditions, this personalized baby book can be that special christening gift that you were looking for. If you want to go for a baptism baby gift where you can surprise your family friends with the new-born and stand out with a personalized baby boy gift or personalized baby girl gift, this is the way to go. Top it off with your dedication on the first page of the baby book, so those warm thoughts of yours stay with the parents and with the baby boy or baby girl throughout the first-year birthday and the toddler years, at least. Besides a thoughtful baby name book, this personalized storybook can serve as a memory baby book, as the last pages, after the story of the first year of the baby boy or baby girl finishes, is all about baby keepsake book features or a baby boy memory book or baby girl memory book, with sections as the food you enjoyed the most, baby weight at birth, baby weight at first year, favorite nursery rhyme and many more. So, go ahead and send congratulations on the new baby to that special friend or send over a surprise package with this new mom gift or new dad gift. They will love it. 

  • Godmother or Godfather: now you have a unique gift for your godson or for your goddaughter

    If you are a godmother or godfather, you have important roles not only throughout the Christening process but also throughout the baby boy’s or baby girl’s entire life. It can be stressful thinking about the right baptism gifts as godparents or guests. We recommend you focus on supporting the affirmation of your godson or goddaughter, the child development steps in the right direction and making sure it is a fun and enjoyable baptism gift. The parents will appreciate the unique baby gift, as it is a personalized baby book focusing solely on their baby and the baby’s and parents’ experience in the first year of life – what can be more touching for a parent than that. The future toddler will also enjoy the christening gift from godmother when the baby boy or baby girl becomes two years old or three years old or even four years old.

  • Baby's first year birthday celebrated with this amazing personalized baby book

    The baby’s first year birthday is a special one. As everything goes, first is always to be celebrated more than others. It is as important for the baby boy or baby girl as it is for their parents. That’s why you want to make sure to go for a special 1st birthday baby gift, which will create memories and make a long-lasting impression. The personalized baby book with name is a perfect first birthday gift idea as it looks and feels premium, it has a personalized dedication and it matches the day you are attending with the 1st birthday being the beautiful end of the journey in the baby's personalized storybook. It also has elements for a 1st birthday keepsake, with features that share the baby’s progress at twelve months.

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  • Child development applied. Which concepts you can find in the personalized baby book with name

    The memory development of a baby or of a toddler is all about the myriad of associations made in the present or in the past. The baby brain or the toddler's brain can be impacted by anything from a smell, an image or a special feeling. It then goes forward to connect this cognitive content with similar content from the past. This re-experiencing for the baby girl or baby boy affects the way the babies perceive and process everything in their lives.

    With our personalized storybook for baby or for a toddler, My first year baby book, the parent or the carer of the baby can ask questions and foster memory recollection – this way, the baby or later on the toddler can retrieve pockets of memories and happenings from his baby past, which will support their minds process and understand better what is occurring to them right now.

  • Reading books with my baby: do you have realistic expectations?

    Another question we get asked a lot is what to expect as a parent of an infant during reading the storybook to them. Between 3 and 6 months, the baby boy or baby girl will just sit there next to you or in your arms and listen to your voice while you read the baby book to them. At six months, the baby will most likely already aim to touch and grab the book, that is why the hardcover personalized baby book version is better and resisting more. Around seven to nine months, the baby boy or baby girl will probably want to turn pages, while reducing the sit still listening part. A one-year-old boy or a one-year-old girl would most likely turn pages of their customized baby book, point at the child-friendly illustrations on each page, and perhaps imitate noises or feelings recognized in the book such as laughter or crying.

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  • Make it easy to impress with our corporate baby gifts

    It is tricky when you want to select the proper corporate baby gifts. You want to make sure you impress the receiver, or receivers if we consider the baby also, with the corporate baby gifts coming from you. A premium quality gift, top quality design, personalized baby book for each baby, with their baby names in the storybook, their cute pictures at different baby milestones, a choice of a diverse and cute baby character resembling your baby and offer it in English, Spanish, German, French, or other languages which suit the parent best - all are coming together to make sure you have knocked it out of the park when it comes to selecting from the best corporate baby gifts. Privacy in our day and age is a concern for corporates, and we address that upfront: The personalized baby book only mentions the baby's first names and no family names appear in the book unless you really want them in. We finish by wrapping the personalized baby gift in a fun wrapping full of diverse and happy babies, and we ship it to your address in no time. If you are in a hurry, you can opt for the fast courier option which arrives for the new baby gifts US within a week from placing the order.

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