A British Children's Book: Your Journey to the UK

Your personalized gift for British kids living abroad

Teach your kids about their British family’s heritage; provide them with an essential connection to their own identities and open up a new world into other cultures and traditions. 

Bond with your child while immersing into British traditions and culture in this excitingly fun and personalized kids' book about the UK. Ages 0 to 8. Global shipping. Premium quality.

Kickstart a wonderful dialogue with your kids about the UK in this personalized storybook

Kickstart a wonderful dialogue with your kids about the UK in this personalized storybook

Children have a fundamental need to belong. They must know themselves, their roots and how they fit into the world. 

These personalised children's' books about England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland are the perfect medium to engage with your kids or grandkids about their roots in the UK. 

Share memories of your own or connect with other family members or friends coming from the UK.

Share a personalized experience about the UK with the little ones in this unique British Children's Book

Share a personalized experience about the UK with the little ones in this unique British Children's Book

These children's books book about England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland tell what the UK is all about. No stereotypes, No old-school views, just the beautiful and unique things that make the UK exciting and remarkable in the curious eyes of your kid. 

Where is Mama, Grandma or Uncle George from? How far is the UK from where we live now? How do we get there? What are the kids in the UK like and what do they do in summer, winter? What sports do they love to play? How about British food or British culture?

Share a personalized experience about the UK with the little ones in this unique British Children's Book

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Amazing British children's book created for your kids and you:

  • Nourish the connection to the British family roots for your kids.

  • Start a lively discussion about the UK and open up the space for intimate stories with the little ones.

  • Your kid gets a unique personalized book, made of premium materials and high-quality print.

  • Appealing illustrations complete the journey - realistic, diverse, non-stereotyping.

  • No matter your family structure - this personalized book adapts to you.

  • 26 illustrated
  • Available in A5 as
    well as A4
  • Available as soft
    cover or hard cover
  • Variety of countries
    to choose from
  • New versions under way
  • Engage with the little ones about your British roots

    This personalized children's book Your Journey to the UK is a fantastic storybook for the British communities living abroad, for British families raising children abroad, or at least one British parent in a multi-cultural family living in a foreign country.

    Kids are impacted by their home-environment, which consists of various cultural and social identities. Understanding your roots and having a sense of belonging is challenging for them. The love for your British cultural heritage is not something that they inherit when they are born; it has to be nurtured from an early age.

  • Connect deeper with your kids about your British roots with this fun and personalised kids' book about the UK

    If you are a British parent or British grandparent and find it difficult how to share or start a discussion about your British roots and heritage – you are not alone! 

    You want to make sure that your child gets to know who they are and to whom and what they belong. You want them to experience and understand British culture. You want to share all those beautiful British customs and traditions which bring back so many unique memories to you. Are you struggling to find modern British children’s books that do that? Do you struggle to find relevant children’s books to read together and enjoy with your children?

    This one-of-a-kind personalized kids’ book gives you a great starting point in talking on what does the UK mean to you, the parent or grandparent, what memories and feelings it triggers in you and why. This personalized illustrated children book will push you gently into discovering even more themes once the reading is finished. For example, cooking a typical British meal together, learning how to master steps for a folk dance or organizing a children’s party for your child’s British roots; there, they can share the many learnings and personal stories about the UK with the friends and the community around their home. And why not, also share these unique details with your partner, if he or she doesn’t have British roots.

  • Grandma or a grandpa coming from the UK? Create your personalised British children's books for your grandchildren.

    Now, for the grandparents out there who have British grandchildren living abroad: kids can feel confused concerning who they are, and we need to understand that and empathize with those feelings. This can happen, for example, when your grandchild is positively looking forward to travelling to get to see you, the grandparents and other family relatives in the UK, while in the same time they will experience sorrow to leave a familiar place which is their current home and the familiar faces of neighbours and friends they know. Your Journey to the UK can make for a remarkable gift for grandchildren who live far away. Your grandchild also recognizes the book as “my world book” and will attach more naturally and more profoundly with the UK, the British culture and traditions.

    And when the distance is too big for frequent travels, then this personalised children's book about the UK keeps the little ones connected and curious to engage with you on a deeper level.

  • Give your kids strong roots and wings

    As soon as they are born, children need adults and a safe and nurturing environment. As they develop from babies into toddlers and preschoolers, their sense of belonging and their roots are being built. It is such an essential part of their future lives, which will come with them to support them later if done right. For multi-cultural families or British families living abroad with their kids, constructing the roots and understanding the complexity of the foundation of two or more cultures is essential to be handled carefully. 

    We encourage British parents, British grandparents, or other caretakers to support that process, to open discussion, to encourage questions, to share. In the end, we all hope for the best for the little ones: a strong identity, a sense of belonging, a sense of exploration and openness to others and a fearlessness driven by passion and joy.

  • Personalized for all you single British parents out there

    What if you are a single British parent or a divorced parent with British roots, raising your children in a foreign country? Let’s get something clear from the start, this is your situation, and you shouldn’t feel guilty or shamed by it. Even more important, your child should feel comfortable being in this environment. CUKIBO personalized books allow you to select only one single parent in all our books. We make it easy and natural, as per your situation, to read a modern British children’s book.

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