A service for creating unique, personalized children books.

Started in 2018 as a concern of the heart and a matter of personal importance. We are headquartered in Switzerland with one foot in Romania and supporters all around the globe.

Our lovely engaging stories are taken from real life and promote diversity, tolerance, and openness, regardless of family structure and way of living. We invite children and their readers to increase essential dialogue.

The idea for CUKIBO was born in 2018 when founders, Kathrin and Alex, noticed that they struggled to connect through the storybooks they were reading to their little boy.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of relevant storybooks to engage with children, to inspire the whole family and to communicate intensely with toddlers and preschoolers.

We love

  • Entertaining, non-fictional stories - diverse, non-stereotyping and valuable in their contemporary messages

  • Age-based and child-engaging illustrations

  • Respecting parents, caretakers and little ones with all the different ways of living out there

  • New technology allowing the adaptation of storybooks to individual family structures or ethnic backgrounds

  • Research-based content – 9 months support collaboration with Luzern University of Applied Sciences and Arts, started in 2018.

The Team


Leading the adventure

Alex wants to give a voice to the silent majority of parents out there, parents who do their best to provide and care for their little ones and want to raise them in an inclusive society. He is in awe of his toddler and humble about his daddy role, which is a fun and challenging process that never stops.


Storyteller, breathing new life into children book projects and illustrations

Kathrin changes perspectives. Initially her own perspective. "Children first" is her mantra when it comes to kids picture books. The topic, the story, the illustrations - everything has one intention: "What's in it for the little ones?". When she is not going full speed to expand the kids' book landscape, she is building sandcastles on local playgrounds with her little boy, baking fresh bread or looking to find the perfect avocado.


The busy tech-beaver, achieving the impossible

Dragoș is the one that makes the magic happen for personalising the Cukibo children's books online. Programming is not all that he enjoys! He trains for swimming competitions, drives his motorcycle around the country and loves playing with his niece and nephew plus his little cats.


Promoting the brand strategy as the creative uncle

Dan leads the CUKIBO creative brand strategy. He thrives on disrupting industries and seeing new visions come to life. When he’s not busy delivering award-winning ideas or making sure the brand strategy is on track, he loves writing to music and spending time with his two adorable nephews.


Puppetmaster of all innumerable web-based aspects

Bogdan oversees how all our work at Cukibo best ties together when put online. He works with enthusiasm on all his projects, but for children's education and kids’ books he brings out his best. His other passion, sports made him help build and play in the Romanian Curling National team and train alongside them every week.

We believe in

A window and a mirror concept

A child picture book should be a valuable window, offering a fair view of today’s world and society with all its facets, opportunities and colors. At the same time, a kid storybook is a mirror children look into, longing for a feeling of identification.

Customized kids’ books, yet universal application

Besides all the differences, children have something in common: they want to have fun, to discover, to interact. They also need affirmation, acceptance, and approval. Our personalized children storybooks are created to have fun while discovering meaningful aspects of our everyday reality.

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