A Polish children's book: Your Journey to Poland

A personalised Polish gift for any Polish family living abroad

Share Polish traditions with the little ones, remember the traditional Polish food of your childhood, point on a Polish map where their relatives were born – all in a personalized Polish children’s storybook. Available in Polish & English. Amazing Polish gift with global shipping. For ages 0-8. Premium Quality.

Create a personalized Polish present to be enjoyed by the whole Polish family

Create a personalized Polish present to be enjoyed by the whole Polish family

Insert the Polish father or maybe the Polish grandmother and Polish grandfather in the book. Take the Polish children on an exciting adventure to Poland, immerse them in Polish traditions and culture. Make it your own Polish learning book or Polish history book, by sharing memories about your childhood in Poland.

Polish traditional dance or Polish traditional food: kids discover more in this storybook about Poland

Polish traditional dance or Polish traditional food: kids discover more in this storybook about Poland

What is your favourite Polish traditional dance? How about singing together with children Polish traditional music? What are some of the Polish traditional dishes which you like to eat, to cook or both? Share them with the kids over a Polish Christmas dinner or during the Polish Easter. This best-seller kids’ book will bring joy to the Polish expats.

Polish traditional dance or Polish traditional food: kids discover more in this storybook about Poland

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An awesome Polish book wrapped as a special Polish gift just for you:

  • Nurture your children’s attachment to the Polish family roots, the Polish customs traditions and folklore.

  • Get started with a bubbly dialogue about Poland, Polish family values, Polish children's activities and open up space for personal stories.

  • Amplify the sense of pride for your Polish background in your child and celebrate the Polish traditions in America or UK or wherever they are in the world.

  • Change it as you like: from English to Polish book or from Polish to English book. Put in the full Polish children's names to be recognised across the book.

  • No matter of your Polish family structure, this customised storybook will be a match: the book adapts to a Polish single mother for example.

  • 26 illustrated
  • Available in A5 as
    well as A4
  • Available as soft
    cover or hard cover
  • Variety of countries
    to choose from
  • New versions under way
  • Important things to consider when it comes to raising Polish children abroad

    Polish children who are living abroad can fall into one of the multiple names usually used for children of parents born outside of their residence country: expat Polish, third culture kids, are the most common.

    What that means in real life is that Polish children are growing up in between two or more worlds. There is their current residence country, which in many cases is their home, there are Poland and the Polish roots from at least one of the parents, and there is in many instances the world of the second parent, coming from different origins. This can leave your children in a head-scratching mindset, with much more profound implications in the long-run. You, as a parent, want the best of all these worlds for your children: to respect and be in touch with their Polish culture, be it in the form of Polish customs and traditions or be it in taking part in the local Polish community. On the other side, you want them to be integrated into the culture of the host country, so they do not feel like complete outsiders. In the end, most of the time, they end up somewhere in the middle, where they do not feel as fully owning the Polish roots as Polish children born and raised their whole life inside Poland. Still, neither as fully locals, as many times they are not entirely accepted or integrated.

  • Create an incredible adventure for your Polish children living abroad

    Journey to Another Homeland: Poland comes as a support for a fun and exciting starting point in the ongoing discussion about your child’s Polish heritage and links. It is meant for Polish babies, toddlers, and pre-schooler. Still, many Polish parents, Polish grandparents and friends see it as unique modern Polish kids book bringing their own story to life and making it easier to engage with their little ones on a topic the parents care so much about.

  • Respect for your Polish heritage: our storybook comes with a Polish language version, and the personalized character names can include all Polish names

    While not being a genuinely bilingual polish book, you can nonetheless get it in either English or Polish language, depending on your preference. The storybook for your child touches upon Polish folk culture, traditional dances children can learn and practice with their parents, typical Polish cuisine and what did you like as a child to eat and brushes on other Polish customs and traditions. Your child will be exhilarated by the engaging and appealing illustrations about Poland and curious to keep hearing the personal stories of your time spent there or other family members who still live there.

    This personalized children book is really for your child to discover and connect with Poland and what you hold dear about your homeland. Except for the Polish language option, you can put in the story the actual name of your child, as it is written, without having to adapt it or skip diacritics.

    While the illustrated children's book enhances the feeling of proudness to be Polish, it presents differences or links the current home country of your child and the journey’s destination country, Poland. The kid would feel the need to ask more and explore more as he grows up. It can be an excellent medium to share the storybook with the non-Polish parent, if that is your case, as then the whole family gets on board this fascinating and fun adventure to your Polish roots and personal stories.

  • Polish Christmas – the traditions, the food, the memories

    We just love the Polish Christmas traditions, no matter where we are in the world. And our children love to see, hear and taste our memories. We seek out Polish Christmas decorations around the house and tree. We do not have the luxury to go to Polish Christmas markets, but we try to bring the Polish Christmas to our home and make it our own individual experience, which all members of our family can enjoy. We invite friends for our Polish Christmas traditions, around our Polish Christmas day. We cook on the Polish Christmas eve and enjoy to the fullest Polish Christmas food, sometimes adapting the recipes a bit, to match all the tastes in the family. And we greet everyone in our neighbourhood with Polish Christmas greetings and Polish Christmas carols, which picks their curiosity to the maximum. Unfortunately, we cannot have with us every year the Polish grandmother or the Polish grandfather, due to the distances and costs of travel and accommodation. Still, our Christmas traditions bring them closer to us, even when they are not physically here.

  • Polish Easter – or the search for the Polish Easter eggs and traditions

    After we started to have a proper Polish Christmas while living abroad with our Polish family and foreign friends, we liked it so much that we decided to have a better experience during Easter too. Therefore, we re-named it the Polish Easter fully, as the other part of the family was happy to jump on board. They had to learn Polish for Happy Easter and the Polish Easter traditions and food. Well, the last part was less learning and more enjoying. And last year, the local Polish expat association brought to us the joy of Polish children’s songs, all dressed in Polish children’s costumes.

  • Polish shop online - convenient, reliable and fast

    Personalise for free your book, preview it for free and after you order it easily, all online. A Polish bookstore from the comfort of your home, personalised and straightforward for you and the children. Unfortunately, our payment processors do not allow payments in Polish zloty, but you can change the currency into Euro, US Dollar, British Pound or Swiss Franc.

  • My Polish baby: Polish baptism traditions

    Our family thought hard when and where to do the Polish christening for our newest addition to the family: a Polish baby girl. Another hard thought topic was which Polish baby names to choose for her or actually which Polish American baby names to choose from. It is true when you have too many choices that decisions become harder somehow. To be honest, I wasn’t aware of all the lovely Polish baby shower traditions the first time around. Still, it was decided to instil many beautiful Polish traditions on the new baby. And we created a personalised album storybook for her to tell the story of her first year in the world. This was our favourite of the many Polish baby gifts received from family and friends, even though we got some special ones as her Polish baptism gifts.

  • Polish school near me – an excellent option to have, but not always available

    For parents who want to keep Polish hearts warm with the Polish heritage, looking into the communities they are living in abroad usually helps. There are many times a Polish school, a Polish Kindergarten or a Polish creche around. Besides, making the Polish language easier to learn and develop, many true and long-lasting friendships are formed between the little ones.

  • This storybook is for all the Polish hearts out there

    You try to use the Polish language with your kids as often as you can. You want to see their Polish names in the book you are reading to them. You want to share with them how you see the Polish people form the eyes of the kid in you. Are you also missing seeing the Polish flag and with the good things it means to you personally?

  • No shame but pride in the Polish girl names or Polish boy names

    That is what we believe in, and we try to support in a small way through this book the process. Make use of the Polish alphabet and write them as they are. We always said the books should adapt to the readers.


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