A Romanian children's book: Journey to Romania

A personalised Romanian gift for all Romanian children living abroad

Share Romanian traditions with the little ones, remember the traditional Romanian food of your childhood, pinpoint on a Romanian map where their relatives were born – all in a personalised Romanian children’s book. Romanian English children's books wrapped as amazing Romanian gifts with global delivery. Ages 0-8. Premium Quality.

Create a personalized Romanian book to be enjoyed by the whole Romanian family

Create a personalized Romanian book to be enjoyed by the whole Romanian family

Put in the storybook the Romanian grandmother or maybe the Romanian mother and Romanian father, or why not all. Take the Romanian children on a unique adventure to the country, immerse them in Romanian culture and traditions. Make it your own learn Romanian book or the Romanian history book for your family, by sharing memories about your childhood in Romania.

Romanian traditional dance or traditional Romanian food: kids discover more in this personalized book about Romania

Romanian traditional dance or traditional Romanian food: kids discover more in this personalized book about Romania

What is your favourite Romanian traditional dance? How about singing Romanian children’s songs with the little ones? What are some of the Romanian dishes which you like to eat, to cook or both? Have the little ones tried the Romanian sarmale, the Romanian mici or the Romanian zacusca? Share them with the kids over a Romanian Christmas dinner or during the Romanian Easter. This unique kids’ book will bring joy to the Romanian expats.

Romanian traditional dance or traditional Romanian food: kids discover more in this personalized book about Romania

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Amazing Romanian book wrapped as a unique Romanian gift just for you:

  • Nurture your children's attachment to the Romanian family tree, the Romanian family values, the Romanian family traditions or the Romanian folklore.

  • Get started with an animated dialogue about Romania, Romanian family life, Romanian children's games, and open up space for personal stories.

  • Amplify the sense of pride in your child for your Romanian heritage and celebrate the Romanian traditions in America or UK or wherever they are in the world.

  • Change it as you like: from English to Romanian book or from Romanian to English book. Put in the full Romanian names for girls or the Romanian boy names to be recognised proudly across the book by the little ones.

  • No matter of your Romanian family structure, this customised storybook will be a match: the book adapts to a Romanian single mother or single father for example.

  • 26 illustrated
  • Available in A5 as
    well as A4
  • Available as soft
    cover or hard cover
  • Variety of countries
    to choose from
  • New versions under way
  • Essential topics to consider when raising Romanian children abroad

    The personalized book Journey to Romania is a fantastic book for any Romanian community living abroad, with Romanian parents raising children abroad, or at least one Romanian parent in a multi-cultural family living in a foreign country.

    When being raised abroad, a child with Romanian heritage finds it hard to immerse fully into either the Romanian community, with its Romanian culture and traditions, or either in the local culture of the country he/she is currently living in. This mix can lead to confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed many times.

    Help kids connect to their Romanian heritage
  • Start a talk with your kid about their Romanian heritage with this amazing personalized kids' book, a Romanian book

    If you are finding it difficult on how to share or kickstart a discussion on Romania, your roots as a parent or grandparent – you are not alone. You want to make sure that your child gets to know, experience and understand the Romanian culture. You want to share all those beautiful Romanian traditions which bring back so many unique memories for you. You are struggling to find modern or at all Romanian children’s books? Do you struggle to find relevant children books in the Romanian language to read together and enjoy with your children?

    This one-of-a-kind personalized kids’ book gives you a great starting point in opening a discussion on what is Romania, what does Romania mean to you, the Romanian parents or Romanian grandmother, what memories and feelings it triggers in you and why. This personalized illustrated children book will push you gently into discovering even more themes once the reading is finished: for example, cooking typical Romanian dishes together, learning how to master the Romanian tradition dance hora steps or organizing a children’s party for your kid’s Romanian origins in order that he/she share the many learnings and personal stories about Romania with the friends and the community around his/her home. And why not, also sharing these unique details with your partner, if he or she doesn’t have Romanian origins.

  • A present that makes the Romanian grandmother emotional and easier to connect with the little ones living abroad

    For the grandparents who have Romanian grandchildren living abroad: the little ones are confused many times concerning who they are – we need to understand that and empathise with those feelings. This can happen when your grandchild is positively looking forward to travelling to see you, the grandparents and other family relatives in Romania, while in the same time they will experience sorrow to leave a familiar place which is their current home plus the familiar faces of neighbours and friends they know. The Romanian children's book Journey to Romania can make for an emotional gift for grandchildren and grandparents who live far apart from each other. Your grandchild also recognises the book as “my world book” and will attach more naturally and deeper with Romania, with the Romanian heritage and Romanian family traditions in a meaningful way. Maybe they will also mix in easier the Romanian word for grandfather together with Grandpa. It will be like bringing in a bit of the Romanian family life you were missing.

    Make a Romanian grandmother happy
  • Each family is different. How is your particular situation when raising Romanian children abroad?

    The values shared inside your own home with your children are the most defining ones. Be it that you are close or integrated into a Romanian community in a  foreign country, or this doesn’t apply to you, our book Journey to Romania, let’s you tell your own story about something as important as your birthplace to your child and share these special moments which will bring you only closer as parent and child.

    We would love to hear how you deal with the topic of raising your children abroad. Do you have the support of the Romanian community? What reminds you most of Romania? Do you have a Romanian shop near your home? Do you have a Romanian bookstore which you discovered? Do you read constantly or from time to time Romanian children’s books? Do you follow and try to remember and implement Romanian culture and Romanian family traditions? How often do you travel back to Romania? Do you take your child with you in a travel adventure through the country? What links connect you to the Romanian family values? And do let us know what the little ones, your Romanian children feel like and enjoy reading.

  • The Romanian Christmas traditions, the Romanian food for Christmas and the great memories made

    Romanian Christmas traditions with the Romanian food for Christmas, and why not the father Christmas coming to the kids with the Romanian Christmas gift are just emotional and wonderful for the little ones, but also for the kids in all of us, the adults. Romanian children love to see, hear and taste our memories from the time the Romanian mother or the Romanian grandmother even have been small kids like them and what did they like, what did they celebrate, what still tears them up.

    When you live abroad, it is getting harder to keep the Romanian Christmas traditions. You only realise it as you get used to your new life, you get carried away by other events, and it gets challenging to maintain or instil the Romanian family traditions which you took for granted when living in Romania. You might reach out to a Romanian shop near you for some Christmas decorations, or traditional ingredients for the Romanian dishes you intend to prepare. You might dust off an old Santa costume or make grandma send it over. Sometimes, when you can afford it, you fly over the grandparents and make a big celebration which the kids love.

    You invite foreign friends to try your Romanian Christmas traditions. You cook on the Romanian Christmas eve and enjoy to the fullest Romanian Christmas food, sometimes adapting the recipes a bit, to match all the tastes in the family. And you greet everyone in our neighbourhood with Romanian Christmas greetings and Romanian Christmas carols, which picks their curiosity to the maximum. In the end, we all hope for a nice Romanian Christmas gift under the tree. You realise that your Christmas traditions bring you closer to each other and especially with the part of the Romanian family who is not physically there.

    Make a unique Romanian Christmas gift
  • Romanian Easter – the search for the Romanian Easter eggs tradition and the delicious Romanian food for Easter

    The Romanian Easter is full of intimate family-centred memories for us. Once we became parents ourselves or uncles and aunts, we wanted our Romanian children to experience also those beautiful feelings. Going to get light from a Romanian church near me, but even more spending time with the Romanian family and close friends, over Romanian food for Easter. But, what we got to enjoy more is to experience the Romanian Easter eggs tradition, with everyone in the family chipping in with painting, their own models and of course the selection of the best egg, the winner egg to crack the others’ eggs.

  • Romanian shop online - convenient, reliable and fast

    Personalise for free your book, preview it for free and afterwards, you order it easily online. Order from a Romanian bookstore from the comfort of your home a personalised Romanian gift for Romanian parents and their Romanian children. Unfortunately, our payment processors do not allow payments in the Romanian currency lei, but you can change the currency into Euro, US Dollar, British Pound or Swiss Franc.

    Preview the Romanian children's books online first
  • My Romanian baby: Romanian christening + Romanian christening traditions

    The Romanian baptism is still an important event in the Romanian family life, and to many, it is part of their Romanian heritage and according to their Romanian family values. Before that magical event, with its beautiful Romanian baptism traditions, many parents are struggling to nail the Romanian name generator game. The hard question is which name to pick out of the list available with Romanian baby names or a mix of a Romanian baby name and a baby name from the side of the partner’s heritage if he or she is not Romanian. What do you do with the Romanian diacritics in the names for the non-Romanian part of the family? What are the roles played by the “nasi” or the “fini”, how about deciding on the Romanian christening gifts? These are all tough questions to answer, especially for the non-Romanian side of the family or friends. What is traditional Romanian food served after a Romanian christening?

    Impress with this Romanian christening gift
  • Romanian school as an option for the Romanian children living abroad

    As a parent, you want to keep your child connected to his or her Romanian heritage and also to be able to speak Romanian language, so they can get along with their relatives back in Romania at least. Taking them to a Romanian school, or to a Romanian kindergarten if available in your neighbourhood, or early on to a playgroup in a Romanian creche can support with all of the above. Plus, they will form dear friendships with the other kids that can last a lifetime. And for the parents, it is a medium to also develop new friendship relationship, which is very hard nowadays in this fast-paced world.

  • A book dedicated to the Romanian mother – gift for mom

    It does not have to be Romanian Mother's day when you run to get your wife or your mother an original gift. Mothers deserve to be surprised positively all year round. The Romanian mother tries to use the Romanian language with her kids as often as she can. She will love to see their Romanian names in the book she is reading to them. How about having her mentioned in the book also? The book is great for any occasion: a Romanian birthday gift idea or present to mom for Christmas.

  • No shame but pride in the Romanian girl names or in the Romanian boy names

    That is what we believe in, and we try to support in a small way through this book. Make use of the Romanian alphabet and write the Romanian names as they are, with Romanian diacritics where it is needed. We always said the books should adapt to the readers, both the little readers and the big ones. This way, the little ones will feel proud of their Romanian baby names and also of their Romanian heritage.

    Build your kids' book now with Romanian names


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