A German children book: Your Journey to Germany

A personalised German gift for German children living abroad

Share German traditions and your childhood German traditional food with the kids. Find the German flag or pinpoint on the German map where the relatives are still living. Personalise your German children book to be loved by the German mother and father & German grandmother. Unique German children stories delivered anywhere in the world. Ages 0-8. Premium Quality.

Create a personalised German children book for the whole German family

Create a personalised German children book for the whole German family

Children have a basic need to belong. They must know themselves, their roots and how they fit into the world. 

Insert in the kid's story the German mother or the German father. Or maybe the German grandmother wants to be part of the fun in the book on Germany. 

Take the German children on an amazing adventure to Germany, immerse them in German traditions and customs. Make it your own learn German book or the German story book for your family, by sharing memories about your childhood in Germany.

German children songs and dances or German traditional food: kids discover more in this personalized book on Germany

German children songs and dances or German traditional food: kids discover more in this personalized book on Germany

Which were your favourite German children songs? How about learning German traditional dance steps with the little ones? Which German food do you enjoy eating, cooking or both? We love our families' German traditions at Christmas or sitting down and enjoying the German easter dinner. This unique kids’ book on Germany will bring joy to the German parents and German grandparents alike.

German children songs and dances or German traditional food: kids discover more in this personalized book on Germany

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Amazing book on Germany wrapped as the best personalised gift for German children living abroad:

  • This German book nourishes the feeling of connection to the German family roots, German traditions and customs.

  • Best German book to start a lively discussion about Germany and opens up space for intimate stories between the German mother and father or German grandmother and the little ones.

  • Amplify the sense of pride for your German background in your child by highlighting and celebrating the beautiful German traditions in America or in the UK or wherever you are in the world.

  • The book on Germany promises appealing illustrations, a modern view of Germany - realistic, diverse, non-stereotyping. That's why so many see it as the ideal gift for German grandma or as the gift for a German friend with kids.

  • No matter of your German family structure, these personalised German children stories will be a match: the German children books adapt to a German single mother or father, for example.

  • 26 illustrated
  • Available in A5 as
    well as A4
  • Available as soft
    cover or hard cover
  • Variety of countries
    to choose from
  • New versions under way
  • Engage in a fun way with the little ones with this book on Germany

    The personalized German children book Your Journey to Germany is a fantastic storybook for the German communities living abroad, for German families raising children abroad, or at least one German parent in a multi-cultural family living in a foreign country.

    Kids are impacted by their environment, which consists of various cultural and social identities. Understanding your roots and having a sense of belonging can sometimes be challenging. However, the love for your German cultural heritage is not something that they inherit when they are born; it has to be nurtured from an early age. Therefore, it's important to make efforts to keep the German traditions in America, to celebrate the German traditions at Christmas or the German Easter traditions.

    Help German children connect with their roots
  • Engage today with your German kids about their roots with the help of this fun and personalized German book

    If you are a German parent or German grandparent and find it difficult to share or kickstart a discussion on your German roots and heritage – you are not alone! 

    You want to make sure that your child gets to know who they are and to whom and what they belong. You want them to experience and understand German traditions and culture. You want to share all those beautiful German traditions and customs which bring back so many unique memories for you. Are you struggling to find modern German children books that do that? Do you struggle to find relevant German children stories to read together and enjoy with your children?

    This one-of-a-kind personalized kids’ book in German or in English gives you a great starting point in opening a discussion on what does Germany mean to you, the German parent or German grandparent, what memories and feelings it triggers in you and why. This personalised illustrated German children book will push you gently into discovering even more themes once the reading is finished. For example, cooking a typical German meal together, learning how to master steps for a German folk dance or organising a children’s party for your child’s German roots; there, they can share the many learnings and personal stories about Germany with the friends and the community around his/her home. And why not, also sharing these unique details with your partner, if he or she doesn’t have German origins.

  • Are you a German grandmother or a German grandfather? Or are you looking for a gift for a German grandma? Make sure to check our book on Germany.

    Now, for the German grandparents out there who have grandchildren living abroad: kids can feel confused concerning who they are and we need to understand that and empathise with those feelings. This can happen, for example, when your grandchild is positively looking forward to travelling to get to see you, the German grandparent and other family relatives in Germany, while in the same time they will experience sorrow to leave a familiar place which is their current home and the familiar faces of neighbours and friends they know. The German children book Your Journey to Germany can make for a unique German gift for grandchildren who live far away. Your grandchild also recognises the book as “my world book” and will attach more naturally and more profoundly with Germany, the German traditions and customs.

    Make a German grandmother happy
  • Give your German children roots and wings with our German children stories

    As soon as they are born, children need adults, a safe and nurturing environment. As they develop from babies into toddlers and preschoolers, their sense of belonging and their roots are being built. It is such an important part of their future lives, which will come with them to support them if done right. For multi-cultural families or German families living abroad with their kids, constructing the roots and understanding the complexity of the foundation of two or more cultures is essential to be handled carefully. 

    We encourage German parents, German grandparents, or other caretakers to support that process, to open discussion, to encourage questions, to share. In the end, we all hope for the best for the little ones: a strong identity, a sense of belonging, a sense of exploration and openness to others and a fearlessness driven by passion and joy. And our German children book makes for the shortlist for great German gift ideas or, depending on the season, for German Christmas gift ideas.

  • Personalized German gift for a single German mother or father

    What if you are a single German parent or a divorced parent with German roots, raising your children in a foreign country? Let’s get something clear from the start, this is your situation, and you shouldn’t feel guilty or shamed by it. Even more important, your child should feel comfortable being in this environment. CUKIBO personalized German books allow you to select one or two parents in all our books. We make it easy and natural, as per your situation, to read a modern German children book.

    Make your modern German children book now
  • The German traditions on Christmas, the German Christmas tree, the German Christmas carols and the lasting memories

    The German traditions at Christmas together with the German Christmas games and the German Christmas gifts are just emotional and wonderful experiences for the little ones, but also for the kids in all of us, the German mother, the German father or the German grandmother. German children love to see, hear and taste memories from the time the German mother or the German grandmother have been small kids like them and what they liked, what they celebrated, what still tears them up.

    When you live abroad, it is getting harder to keep the German traditions for Christmas. You only realise it as you get used to your new life, you get carried away by other events, and it gets challenging to maintain or instil the German family traditions which you took for granted when living in Germany. You might reach out to a German Christmas store near you for some German Christmas wooden decorations, or traditional ingredients for the traditional dishes you intend to prepare.

    You invite foreign friends to try your German traditions on Christmas. You cook on the Christmas eve and enjoy to the fullest the German traditional food for Christmas, sometimes adapting the recipes a bit, to match all the tastes in the family. And you greet everyone in our neighbourhood with German Christmas greetings and sing German Christmas carols, which pick their curiosity to the maximum. In the end, we all hope for nice German Christmas gifts under the tree. You realize that your German Christmas traditions bring you closer to each other and especially with the part of the German family who is not physically there with you and the kids.

    Create memorable German Christmas gifts
  • German Easter: the search for the German Easter eggs tradition and the delicious German Easter food

    The German Easter is full of intimate family-centred memories for many German families. Many German people go to Easter church services, invite and share festive German Easter dinner with family members. And some German Easter gifts are exchanged. Depending on where you come from Germany originally, you might be used to the situation where your German grandmother or German mother collects flowers and moss on the Good Friday and then make Easter nests in the house's garden. German parents then hide eggs, nowadays also sweets, in the nests. If you live in an apartment and do not have access to a garden, you can still do this fun German Easter tradition in a park near you. Fingers crossed for good weather. And happy "hunting" for the little ones.

  • A convenient, reliable and fast gift shop with awesome German books for your kids

    Personalize for free your book, preview it for free and afterwards, you order it easily online. Order from a Swiss - German book store from the comfort of your home awesome German children books as gifts for German parents and their German children. You can select the currency from Euro, US Dollar, British Pound or Swiss Franc.

    Create your awesome German gift: your personalized German children book
  • The German school near me is a good option for the German children living abroad

    As a German parent, you want to keep your child connected to his or her German origins and also to be able to speak the high German language, so they can get along with their relatives back in Germany at least. Taking them early on to a German school, or to a German kindergarten if available in your neighbourhood, or even to a playgroup in a German creche can support all of the above. Plus, they will form dear friendships with the other kids that can last a lifetime. And for the German parents, it is a medium to also develop new friendship relationships, which is very hard nowadays in this fast-paced world.

  • This book on Germany for kids is also dedicated to any German mother out there

    It does not have to be German Mother's day when you run to get your wife or your mother an original gift. Mothers deserve to be surprised positively all year round. Any German mother strives to give her best to her kids. The same applies when it comes to the connection to the German origins or the German mother tongue. 

    Any German mother will love to see her children German names in the book she is reading to them. How about having her mentioned in this personalized German book also? The book is great for any occasion: a birthday gift for a German friend or a memorable and emotional gift in the German language. Global shipping and high quality are assured by us, your German book store, full of fun and educational German children books personalized for the German kids.

    Make a German mother happy today
  • Your German children names fit perfectly as they are in this personalised German children book

    That is what we believe in, and also how we try to support in a small way through this book. Make use of the German alphabet and write the German kid names as they are, with German diacritics where needed. We always said the books should adapt to the readers, both the little readers and the big ones. This way, the little ones will feel proud of their German names or their German origins.

    Build your German children book with the exact German kid names


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