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Perfect gift for parents moving with kids

Big changes are incisive experiences for the little ones but moving homes can also turn into a miraculous adventure. Make use of this perfect book companion to help to explain what moving is about. In addition to that, it will support conveying affirmation and a certain level of control by involving this tiny helping hand.

Thoughtfully written lines go hand in hand with beautiful illustrations, inviting little movers here and there to draw and scribble their very own important notes.

Thoughtfully written lines go hand in hand with beautiful illustrations, inviting little movers here and there to draw and scribble their very own important notes.

A personal experience requires a personalized book: The names of the child and of the parent(s) or carer(s) come along on every page. Personalize the main character with a view to gender, hair color, and skin tone, so your child can truly recognize him- or herself in this unique illustrated children’s book. Top off the experience by adding a picture of your new home. Make this book a gift to remember in the new home for the whole family.

Start crucial conversations to support you kids move into your new home

Start crucial conversations to support you kids move into your new home

What does moving with a toddler or moving with a baby to a new home mean? How to help your child cope with moving anxiety? Which tasks help with your child relocation to your new home and how can you involve your child into them? Which emotions might pop up on the way to the new home? Each page invites you, the reader, and child to deepen dialogue and to start a playful planning process together.

Start crucial conversations to support you kids move into your new home

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Moving with kids stress: our personalized children book is here to help you

  • The moving children's books offer the support you need in essential talks and discussions throughout the stressful time of moving with children.

  • You can use this valuable illustrated storybook companion to make your child feel in control and involved. An unforgettable moving house gift.

  • Latest child development research is employed to create this lovely little helper.  An educational guide to moving house, with practical and fun moving house hacks.

  • Appealing and customised illustrations provide space for the child’s creativity. They all come wrapped in a high quality and personalised moving house present.

  • No matter the family structure - it is a match. We make sure your way of life is respected in our personalised book moving with kids.

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  • Available in A5 as
    well as A4
  • Available as soft
    cover or hard cover
  • Variety of countries
    to choose from
  • New versions under way
  • Planning to move with your kids in the near future?

    Don’t let the long task lists overwhelm you as a parent and do consider the needs of your children in the process of moving houses. No matter of age, be it a baby, a toddler, a pre-schooler or above, moving with children puts extra pressure on the whole family. As a child, though, the perception can be different as many times parents leave their children in the dark about the move, what it implies until it’s too late and the moving company truck has pulled down the street. We understand the stress of the period which is placed on parents of toddlers and babies especially, even more, if we speak about single parents relocating.

  • What makes a house a home? The kid's perspective

    Every family’s life is filled with tangible and intangible things. What makes a house a home? Of course, it is beyond material things, such as the sofa, the children's bed or the color of the carpet. Yet the tangibles are naturally linked with the intangible things. How? Each holds a story and a special meaning, sometimes there are different attachments for each family member: for example, the living room sofa can be the resting spot for the mother, the memory spot for the daddy holding his newborn little girl after coming from the hospital, and for the child the favourite playground in the house where she can display all the toys and be in the same room as her parents. It can also be a collective attachment as the spot where the family gathers at night to read them bedtime stories to the little ones before all the favorite children's storybooks are exhausted. It is this hard then to identify what each family member will miss the most and which attachment is the strongest towards what, especially when it comes to toddlers and pre-schoolers moving homes. A series of multiple discussions to identify these topics is crucial. 

    The unique personalized children book My New Home tries to give a good overview, not exhaustive, but a solid start to have that discussion in a relaxed and fun environment, helped by beautiful illustrations and the child’s feeling he/she recognizes himself/herself in the storybook as the hero of this adventure.

  • The familiarity of the home environment for babies, toddlers and bigger kids

    Besides the discussion on the personal meaning and personal attachment of children to the home intangibles, another important topic to consider refers to the familiar environment which is, in the eyes of the kid, an extension of the home. Here, we refer to your garden, terrace, walk to kindergarten, the neighborhood playground, the favorite swimming place in the summer, even the familiarity of the local supermarket and their products displayed. The experienced perceived and real loss for the child, be it of the age of a toddler, pre-schooler or higher, does not touch only upon intangibles with monetary value, but also upon belongings which give the chid of familiarity and security.

  • The different impacts between an international move for a family with kids and a local move - the child's perspective

    There is a bigger difference between an international assignment where a family becomes an expat family in a foreign country and a move within the same state of part of the home country. The latter involves a smoother transition, as in most cases, the family brings along most if not all the intangible’s things, due to the lower cost of transportation. The first one, referring to expatriate children with their families is much more difficult: many times, they must fit everything for airplane travel. Shipping of stuff can be expensive relative to the worth of the material things which would have to be moved, therefore the parents take a practical and logical decision to leave most of it behind or sell it and buy new things in the new home. This means only a small proportion of the things from the home will end up in the new home. 

    The feeling of displacement and insecurity for the children can be magnified, if not addressed early on in time, before the move and in a proper manner. Here, the personalized kids' book My New Home brings support for the families with children. It is a great storybook about moving for toddlers to be shared within the family, not only for the parents. The personalized book aims to involve the child in as many tasks and decisions as possible, without making the job of the parent harder, but easier. The book also touches upon how to help your child cope with moving anxiety by its pure structure and design of each page, but it will not solve deeper problems or anxieties the child might have already formed. Therefore, it is perfect for any child relocation or any family with kids' move.

  • When moving houses: parents reactions to children's feelings

    Reaction to the feelings expressed by children moving homes is another important topic have in mind: by not putting much energy or thought in the process and dismissing any show of feelings from the child as immature or temporary, the parents can risk pushing those feelings down into the child, with consequences later after the move in hard time to adapt, lack of proper sleep, agitated child or more prone to mischiefs. Another possible consequence for kids can be that they feel it is somehow their fault and blame themselves for the feelings of sadness and regret.

    The opposite of this reaction can be observed in other parents, where the bribery function or just a good intention from the parent can have unwanted consequences for the child: the parent might try to explain to the child that the new home will be bigger, that the children room will be larger, that there will be more toys, or that they will buy new toys upon arrival. That is like throwing darts in the dark and hoping to hit the mark. Without investigating first what the fears are on the child side, without explaining the reasons for the move and the steps which are coming, without involving the kid in the moving decisions, without including her in the move tasks, the parent cannot know for sure what is there to be addressed and how. That’s why the personalized storybook about moving for toddlers, children relocation or even moving with babies, tries to support the parent with just those points.

  • Housewarming gift for family: they just moved in with their kids

    Many friends of families with kids consider the personalized kids book My New Home as the best housewarming gift for the first home, or even better a great housewarming gift for kids. Why we would emphasize the central role of the book in preparing the kids' move into a new home, we acknowledge the features which can apply after the move into the new house and see the kids’ book as a unique housewarming gift for the family. It contains features as the picture of the new home, activities to prepare once moved in, the new address memorizing and practicing, a picture with the whole family in the new home. While we see it as a moving away gift idea for the family from friends, it can be used as well as a unique housewarming gift for the family who just moved in.


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