Create unique, personalised children books

Your book, your story. Awesome gifts for awesome kids, telling their unique stories with creative narratives and deliciously engaging illustrations. More About Us

The perfect gift for children living abroad.

Are you a parent raising your child abroad?
Take your third culture kid on a journey of a lifetime: your own. Connect and share together your home country's amazing story.  Available in your native language.

Do you have friends with kids living abroad?
They will love this unique personalised book about their homeland. Dazzle them with this one-of-a-kind personalised gift. They will always cherish it.

Insightful story, beautiful illustrations, great adventure. All in your personalised book.

Ages 1 and above. Worldwide shipping. Express delivery available. The kid will love it!

An unforgettable, personalised book for babies

Gift for a baby? The first year of life is filled with beautiful stories. Stand out with this personalized book, which will bring tears of joy in the parent’s eyes and lots of fun for the kid.

From birth to the first birthday, this custom baby book will keep those memories alive.

Stand out at your friend’s baby shower or make sure you get that special baptism gift. Worldwide shipping. Express delivery available.

Moving with kids just got easier with this personalised book

With this unique children’s book about moving, you can make sure you are doing it right and they are comfortable and open to the new home! Get the kids involved in the family relocation.

Are you looking for the perfect new home personalized gift? Personalized story, beautiful illustrations, great adventure – all in your custom book.

Ages 1 and above. Worldwide shipping. Express delivery available.

What do we stand for?

Every child is unique, so should be the stories for kids.

Children books with a vision. Thoughtful and unique gifts to be enjoyed together by both the kid and the reader.

Every child is brought up in different circumstances and family structures, is facing individual challenges, is having different family goals and diverging dreams.

Get to know us
  • Suitable for
    0-8 year olds
  • Highly
  • Available in A5 as
    well as A4
  • Available as soft
    cover or hard cover
  • New versions under way

Personalised books reading benefits

  • You create personalised stories with which your child connects and bonds better, as it is about them and their current situation.

  • You get storybooks that support a healthy self-affirmation for your child to recognize his/her own way of life.

  • You will share a personalised child book that triggers better communication, which might otherwise not take place in your fast paced, daily routines.

  • You will have storybooks for your child which can be customised to match your family structure (nuclear families, single parents, patchwork families, rainbow families, foster families)

  • You will enjoy appealing and colourful illustrations that consider a realistic and diverse view of the world your child is living in, while avoiding any kind of stereotyping.