Ten mistakes intercultural couples should avoid when raising a third culture child

2 weeks ago

When we discuss the topic of raising a third culture child (that is, a child of two different cultures), we usually view this topic from our perspective – which is the perspective of an adult. And since we have our children's best interests at heart, we have no doubts that we're taking the best possible...

Expert's Insight: 6 Valuable Insights from Moveria's Mattias Ejbe on Moving with Kids

2 months ago

A new job opportunity, hoping for a better life in a different place, changes in the family situation – there are millions of various reasons, why families are packing the boxes and moving homes. Sometimes they are intended, sometimes not. Throughout this journey, every parent is dealing with the...

Expert's Insight: Interview with Angie Weinberger, a Global Mobility Coach

3 months ago

Angie Weinberger is a Global Mobility Coach. She combines intercultural coaching, her long-standing Global Mobility expertise, and workshop facilitation skills into programs for Global Mobility Managers, Expats, and Expat Spouses. Angie also defines herself as an...

Top Lessons / Top Challenges of an Expat Parent

7 months ago

We have a 3-year old, energetic and vivacious boy running around our house here in London.  Recently, we were also blessed with a little girl, who we were told ‘completed our family’.  It was already great being a daddy to one child and now I had the pleasure of doubling up on the role to...

Jesper Juul : Who was Jesper Juul and why we were in awe with his work?

7 months ago

On 25th of July 2019 Jesper Juul, a renowned family therapist and author of several books on parenting, died.

The moment I started to hear about Jesper Juul was when I became a mother. Soon I realized I am not alone out there. Many parents and caregivers...

Representation in children’s books: what parents need to know about the impact on their children

8 months ago

Or what should be depicted in modern children’s books

My little boy was asking me to please prepare him dinner one day. I responded why did he ask me to prepare the dinner, as we were all sitting together in the living room, which meant any of us – myself...

Toddler arts and crafts: four ways to help you, parents and caretakers out there, organize that pile

8 months ago

Children paintings, toddlers doodling, handiworks … a toilet paper roll mannequin, a paper plate clown and abstract children finger paint drawings. All these things naturally pile up over time with our little ones.

While I am more than happy about my little one delving into creative work...

How to Accept the Cultural Mix when Raising Third Culture Kids inside Your Family?

8 months ago

Third culture kid problems at home?

Parents and carers, moving from their home country, their first culture, to a different country with its own customs and ways of living, are forming a third culture in their daily family life. Are you raising third culture kids?


How children learn about themselves and their environments: from the kids’ story books being read to them. The Mirror and Window Concept.

8 months ago

Every night my husband and I are reading to our little boy before going to bed. Many nights we are reading children's books, where I feel a slight discomfort. The main message of the storybook is clear to me, the story itself creates a nice atmosphere and nothing obvious is catching the eye as inappropriate...