Expert's Insight: Interview with Angie Weinberger, a Global Mobility Coach

1 week ago

Angie Weinberger is a Global Mobility Coach. She combines intercultural coaching, her long-standing Global Mobility expertise, and workshop facilitation skills into programs for Global Mobility Managers, Expats, and Expat Spouses. Angie also defines herself as an...

Top Lessons / Top Challenges of an Expat Parent

3 months ago

We have a 3-year old, energetic and vivacious boy running around our house here in London.  Recently, we were also blessed with a little girl, who we were told ‘completed our family’.  It was already great being a daddy to one child and now I had the pleasure of doubling up on the role to another....

Jesper Juul : Who was Jesper Juul and why we were in awe with his work?

4 months ago

On 25th of July 2019 Jesper Juul, a renowned family therapist and author of several books on parenting, died.

The moment I started to hear about Jesper Juul was when I became a mother. Soon I realized I am not alone out there. Many parents and caregivers...

Representation in children’s books: what parents need to know about the impact on their children

4 months ago

Or what should be depicted in modern children’s books

My little boy was asking me to please prepare him dinner one day. I responded why did he ask me to prepare the dinner, as we were all sitting together in the living room, which meant any of us – myself...

Toddler arts and crafts: four ways to help you, parents and caretakers out there, organize that pile

4 months ago

Children paintings, toddlers doodling, handiworks … a toilet paper roll mannequin, a paper plate clown and abstract children finger paint drawings. All these things naturally pile up over time with our little ones.

While I am more than happy about my little one delving into creative work...

How to Accept the Cultural Mix when Raising Third Culture Kids inside Your Family?

4 months ago

Third culture kid problems at home?

Parents and carers, moving from their home country, their first culture, to a different country with its own customs and ways of living, are forming a third culture in their daily family life. Are you raising third culture kids?


How children learn about themselves and their environments: from the kids’ story books being read to them. The Mirror and Window Concept.

5 months ago

Every night my husband and I are reading to our little boy before going to bed. Many nights we are reading children's books, where I feel a slight discomfort. The main message of the storybook is clear to me, the story itself creates a nice atmosphere and nothing obvious is catching the eye as inappropriate...