Milestone Kindergarten Registration

It did not come as a surprise, but then I saw it black on white: my little one is registered for Kindergarten.

Kindergarten Entry – An Emotional Rollercoaster

I consider myself down-to-earth and hands-on. I am a proud mum, and I am looking forward to every single step of my child’s development.

For me, the milestone „Kindergarten“ stands for

  • playful learning, he will soak up like a sponge
  • a social environment, which will bring him forward in terms of interaction, communication and sustaining his position in a new group context
  • new relationships, he as well as my husband and I will establish, which might be with us for the rest of our lives

And then I notice this vague feeling of unease in my stomach while looking at the registration for Kindergarten. 

Milestone Kindergarten Registration - get your tissue ready

A little emptiness is inside of me. Later that day, when sharing the letter with my husband, I feel tears welling up. I didn’t prepare for these emotions. Phew... my husband is having a bit of a blues also.

Let me sum up my findings: not only my little 4 years old is in transition, I am too. The little one is breaking a small step away from us. Something new is begining. In return, something else is ending.

And I have to admit to myself that with motherhood my forward-facing attitude stumbles upon legs stuck out by the ticking clock of childhood. I am looking back a little more, and it becomes harder to let go emotionally.

Let us go together through this transition.

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