Kindergarten Readiness

Since I am a mother, I feel escorted by expectations from the outside.

No surprise the way to my boy’s Kindergarten entry is paved – or let’s better say gravelled – with expectancy as well.

Kindergarten Today – Everything Changes

Kindergarten readiness lists are around and imply that you better work of a wide range of qualifications. Is your little one ready to enter that next play & learn level? Can your kid count to 20 and write his/her first name. Don’t forget about the whole alphabet – the child should be well versed in saying or singing it. Short words should be read and recognized

I am confused.

Kindergarten Readiness Preparation Reading WritingMy little monkey gets stuck at 13 every time he counts til 20.

Luckily he can write his first name now... phew... 

Alphabet, well, works until G.

I find it dangerous to live in an environment, where we try hard to equip our children with counting, reading and writing skills even before entering Kindergarten. 

There is a common-sense among a lot of researchers that nowadays we head into a harmful „too much and too soon-direction“.

He is not even four.

So, what now? No homeschooling before Kindergarten. That’s against my beliefs. But of course, I don’t want him to come home from pre-school, sad and down, being the only one not knowing the full alphabet.

A vicious circle of our modern times.

I keep on playing with him.

I keep on being creative with him. 

And I keep on reading books with him every day.

That is what I genuinely believe.

What do you believe? Share your opinion in the comments!

PS: I binned the readiness list!

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