An American children book: Journey to the USA

A personalised gift for the American kids living abroad

What is it like climbing the crown of the Statue of Liberty? How are the winters in California? Help your child become even more connected with the United States. Remember the traditional American food of your childhood, pinpoint on the USA map where their relatives were born – all in a personalised American children book. Awesome gift for American friend with Global Shipping. Ages 0-8. Premium Quality.

American children book with gorgeous illustrations and a modern story

American children book with gorgeous illustrations and a modern story

Personalise the adventure with the American names of the kid. Add in the expat parent or caretaker being born in the United States. Create a book that best suits your reading habits. You can order it in various dimensions and cover options, beautifully printed and exquisite designs. They all come together in this awesome and personalised American gift.

Share your stories about the USA with the whole expat family

Share your stories about the USA with the whole expat family

How far away is the United States from where you live? Can you find the American flag on the map, or do you see the USA map? What is your favourite American food? What do Americans do with their kids on holidays in the USA? Which US song can you learn together and which dance goes along with it? With this personalised children book, all the toddlers find it easy to connect to their parents or grandparents' origins. The perfect American gift for the little ones and their expatriate parents.

Share your stories about the USA with the whole expat family

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A personalized children book about USA, wrapped as an amazing original gift just for you:

  • Nourish the feeling of connection to the US family roots and American customs.

  • Engage in a lively discussion about the United States, American traditions, American food and open up space to personal stories with the expat children.

  • Create awareness for diversity and expands the sense of pride for the US origins.

  • Enjoy appealing illustrations that complete the journey - realistic, diverse, non-stereotyping. All in an original gift for an American expat.

  • Integrate into the storybook's text your specific family structure, no matter what that is. For example, the personalised book adapts to single parents or rainbow or foster families.

  • 26 illustrated
  • Available in A5 as
    well as A4
  • Available as soft
    cover or hard cover
  • Variety of countries
    to choose from
  • New versions under way
  • Important things to consider when it comes to raising American children abroad in this personalised children book

    If you are an American parent living in a foreign country or if you have dear American expat friends with kids, you are in for a treat with this original book for expat children, from American babies to toddlers and above.

    As an American expat, with your kids living in diverse and beautiful countries out there, it is hard to slow down the pace and consider how well-connected is your child to USA culture and traditions. Have you shared your perspective, the lovely childhood memories growing up in the USA, or explained the differences between the different US states and the country you are currently living in? We feel there should be better support out there for American parents like yourself.

    Help your kid connect to your origins in this unique children book for American expats
  • If you are an American expat parent you must read below:

    No matter how you would call or define your child, an American kid, an expat child or a third culture child, he or she is growing up between two or more cultures. There is your US culture. There is the culture of the home country you are currently residing in. There is the culture of your partner if he or she is coming from a different culture and there can be in many instances the culture of the company employing you or your partner. Your child gets exposed in various doses to all of those cultures. This is the story of his or her life. It is a mixture that leaves your child in the middle, sometimes confused, sometimes feeling I do not belong here, sometimes feeling like he has no strong roots anywhere. It is essential then to initiate regular discussions together focusing on topics related to your family heritage, your American roots, the differences, and why they exist. Beyond the talks, being part of an American expat community can help as the kid, at an early age is looking to his/her family and the surrounding environment (read community) and tries to mirror the two of them.  The personalised children book Journey to the USA gets you going with fun and entertaining illustrations for the little one, supported by open questions and descriptive dialogue, all centred around the US and the journey to get there.

    Another aspect is related to the American military kids, the children born and/or growing up in American bases in different countries of the world. Despite having a tight community, the feelings of belonging and confusion are still there. There is an outside world, across the base camp, there is a larger outside world where other family relatives live, and there is the family environment. It is essential to share with the American kids in these situations the beautiful adventures and memories linking you back to the US, understand the traditions, what defines the US culture. With our beautiful illustrated storybook, we aim to achieve just that. The book encourages you to go further and experience sharing and preparing a typical meal together, share the particularities of the place you were born in the USA and other spots across the country where family relatives live, or you like them for particular reasons. This kids' book aims to make natural the feeling of proud to be an American while telling your own story.

    Impress with an American gift for a friend and their kids
  • Dear American expatriate parents: share your story

    We would love to hear from you regarding how you do it as an American expat parent raising your children abroad. What issues are you encountering trying to adapt to new cultures and maintain the closeness to your home culture, the US heritage? How active or distinctive is your American expat community surrounding you, and why is that? How do you do it when your partner is from another culture, and you try to embrace a multi-cultural attitude for your children reasonably? What children books about USA are you reading, which helps with dealing with these American expat views? How are children born in the USA regarded in the country you are currently living in? What personal stories are you sharing with your non-American communities that you are part of with your children?

    Create your personalised American expat children book


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