Kindergarten Lesson Plan

„Please find enclosed the Kindergarten lesson plan.“

The what? I feel naive, poorly prepared and outdated.

I have been going to Kindergarten in a different era – when Kindergarten was play-based and „lesson plan-less“.

Kindergarten Today – Everything Changes

I started to check some of those lesson plans. I found curricula including handwriting, writer’s workshops and math journals. I am baffled. 

This is what I learned in primary school. It was called reading, writing and calculating.

So, faster is better in nowaday’s Kindergarten for my four-year-old boy?


I dug deeper. And what I understand now is that in today’s world we have much more knowledge about early learning capabilities of young kids.

Scientifically it seems to be the right time for learning.


And that’s not all: young children want to learn. Proven.


Still, I feel slightly uncomfortable.

I am relieved to read that researchers by the majority agree about the importance of play – unstructured, with other children, imaginatively and physically. 

Phew... that did not change.

My little boy is still meant to play in pre-school. 

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Playing seems to be the vehicle. 

Learning letters and numbers the route, they take on this joyful ride. 

The lesson plan is the route map. 

I am okay with that.

However, this leads to my next question: teachers and supervisors need to be prepared, qualified and ready to not only follow the route of a Kindergarten curriculum. They need to be skilled and willed to steer a super fun and joyful play&learn vehicle along the way... they are the key.

A topic for another blog post. Tomorrow is another day. 

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